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Dr. Monte Slater

Dr. Slater is also a certified Dermapen® practitioner, giving his patients access to this cutting edge procedure that naturally stimulates skin elasticity as well as collagen production. Utilizing a sterile, disposable needle tip, this adjustable device allows Dr. Slater to narrowly target regions of your face and prompts the skin to begin the healing process that creates smoother and brighter skin, with visible results in up to four weeks.

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Aesthetic Body Sculpture Clinic

Many of our procedures allow the transferring of your own fat to strategic locations in other parts of your body. As the fat cells are from your own body there is no risk of allergic reactions or rejection of the grafts, making these techniques safe and effective.

We take pride in offering minimal downtime aesthetic procedures so our patients can get back to their lives and work fast. The staff at ABS Clinic is dedicated to the long term success of our patients, which is reflected in our comprehensive after procedure care and attention.

The staff at ABS Clinic always appreciates hearing from patients who are enjoying their aesthetic improvements. You can see their results by looking at our before and after page, and you can read what other patients think about our service on our testimonials page.

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